Are wallpapers safe when renting?

Worried about whether stick and peel wallpapers are safe to use when renting? Let us put you at ease with how they work.

What are stick and peel wallpapers?

Stick and peel wallpapers, sometimes called self-adhesive wallpapers or removable wallpapers, are wallpapers that can be placed on walls without having to add glue or other types of adhesive. They are a great way to spruce up a living space when rental laws prevent you from making permanent changes to a rental property.

Have your wallpapers been tested?

Yes. The peel and stick formula used by Mirosa Wallpapers has been tested and tried on different wall textures and weather conditions. This is ideal as it means our wallpapers can be installed on almost any surface, be it indoors or outdoors.

What happens if I want to remove the wallpaper?

Renters often worry that they may cause damage to their walls and in turn run the risk of not getting their bond back. When Mirosa Wallpapers are removed according to instructions, our wallpaper can be reused many times. Even better, no adhesive residue is left behind on walls, regardless of the wall’s texture.  However, not all of our wallpapers are removable, and some may leave a residue behind. Therefore renters should note that, only our "Removable & Repositionable Peel & Stick Wallpapers" collection is completely removable.

Is Mirosa Wallpapers DIY?

Yes. You don’t need any special tools or glue to add our wallpapers. If removed correctly, the wallpapers can be reused. We have detailed instructions available on how to install Mirosa Wallpapers, and following these will get you started with turning your living space into something truly wonderful. 

Can I try a sample before committing to a full wall?

If you wish to try Mirosa Wallpapers before making the decision to buy, samples can be pre-ordered at $6 a piece. Please email us at with the name of the product you wish to sample. Alternatively, our entire range of stick and peel wallpapers is available to be purchased on our website.

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