Does Removable Wallpaper Ruin Walls?

Wallpaper has long held a reputation for ripping the paint off walls when attempting to remove the wallpaper.

However, this is now long in the past. The introduction of removable wallpaper has recently hit the market and has become increasingly popular due to the peelable adhesive applied to the wallpaper. Instead of manually applying glue to each strip of paper, the adhesive on peel and stick wallpapers now allow you to simply remove the backing layer, and voila!, the wallpaper can be immediately hung onto the wall.

However, caution should be applied to peel and stick wallpaper when using it. Here are some ways to prevent damage to walls.

What can damage walls?

  1. If applying the removable wallpaper to drywall is your preferred method, applying primer to the wall is crucial to preventing damage. This is because the primer creates a smooth base for the adhesive to stick to, with no crevices present for the sticky adhesive to tack to.
  2. Applying a fresh coat of paint right before hanging up peel and stick wallpaper can lead to paint being stripped off when removing the wallpaper. If applying a fresh coat of paint is necessary, it is recommended to be done 20-30 days prior to hanging up the removal wallpaper, and letting it dry completely before hanging the wallpaper.

How to prevent wall damage?

  • Choosing quality wallpaper and understanding the level of stickiness on the adhesive can greatly lower the chances of damaged walls.
  • Cleaning the wall with a warm and damp towel, and removing any specs of dust 48 hours before wallpapering can ensure the wall is clean and prepped for the adhesive to stick to. Make sure to let the wall dry completely before applying the wallpaper, or the moisture left on the wall can negatively affect the adhesive.
  • Utilising samples is also highly recommended to ensure that the wallpaper is suitable for your wall - especially if you are unsure of the type of paint used on your wall. These samples can be trialed by being stuck onto a wall for a couple of days before attempting removal. At Mirosa, our wallpaper samples can be purchased from our website, costing $6 for each design, and can be shipped out to you at no further cost.
  • Removing the paper at a 45-degree angle slowly is integral to maintaining non-damaged walls and allows for re-use at a later date.
  • If you’re struggling to remove the wallpaper, adding heat from a warm, wet towel or a hairdryer can also help loosen the adhesive without leaving sticky tracks onto the wall underneath. This can prevent forced pressure applied during removal, which can lead to torn walls and paint.

With removable wallpaper dubbed “renter’s wallpaper”, damage to walls is very low and as long as you take the necessary precautions, prep the wall as recommended, and apply patience, there is no reason you can’t experience a mess-free, damage-less experience with removable wallpaper!

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