Horizontal Textured Wallpaper 

If you're looking to spruce up your home in a contemporary style, decorating with horizontal textured wallpaper is the new modern way to add a polished element to a space. They have the power to reshape a room depending on how it is used. Best of all, horizontal textured wallpaper is versatile, they can be elegant with neutral tones or vibrant using bright colours. 


The golden rule to horizontal stripes allows a space to look wider, whereas vertical stripes would elongate the area.  Horizontal textured wallpaper is more than just a way to lengthen your space, they are also a timeless design that can suit any room of the house. It is also a stylish alternative to hanging art portraits, the horizontal textured wallpaper is a playful pattern that is a work of art on its own! In a thoughtfully designed home, horizontal textured wallpaper can bring in warmth, personality and dimension. 


Mirosa offers a range of horizontal textured wallpaper. Our Warm English Brick Wallpaper is easy to apply with the easy stick and peel solution. This contemporary design shows off both bold and subtle shades of brick to reveal an exposed wall effect; giving an industrial feel.  This can be applied as a featured wall in a study room, the living room or bedroom. 

An exposed brick design is considered as a horizontal textured wallpaper that has become a popular feature in interior design. The wallpaper adds an illusion of an exposed brick wall that displays an unconventional touch to any home or apartment. The best thing is, if you’re looking to redesign or live in a rental, the wallpaper is safe and easy to remove. 

Overall, horizontal textured wallpaper is the perfect choice to reshape and revamp your home. It can create an illusion of a larger space and bring colour and depth to any room in the house or apartment. One example includes Mirosa’s Warm English Brick Wallpaper, the contemporary design creates an industrial style that is perfect for a modern space. Hanging horizontal textured wallpaper is a quick and stylish way to dramatically improve the appearance of your home.