How Can I Make a Small Space Look Bigger with Wallpaper?

Wanting to make the most of a small space? Wallpaper might be the answer! Try some of these tips for making a small space look bigger with wallpaper:


Use Lighter Colours

Because lighter colours are reflective, using them on walls can make a room feel much more spacious. Wallpapers such as Fabric Style - Beige also have the added benefit of being easy to match with any kind of décor.


Try Large Patterns

Wanting something a bit bolder? Why not give patterned wallpaper a try!

Floor-to-ceiling wallpapers with large patterns on them draw the eye upward and across a room, giving the impression that it’s larger than it actually is.

Plus, a fun pattern like Green Abstract Shapes would be a great addition as a feature wall.

Give Stripes a Shot

Striped wallpaper is another fun way to add some patterns to your living space.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes – like this one here – accentuates a room’s height by drawing the eye upwards, making the ceiling seem higher.

Wallpaper with horizontal stripes, on the other hand, draws the eye across a room, making it feel longer and wider. See here for more on horizontally-textured wallpaper.

Remember that a wallpaper doesn’t necessarily have to have actual stripes in it to create these visual effects. Patterns that are arranged into stripes – like these bricks – also work to make a room feel bigger!



And there you have it! Three different ways to make a small space look bigger using wallpaper. Whether you’re changing up a bedroom, living room, kitchen or dining area, we hope we could help!