How to remove wallpaper?

It’s the end of your interior design, you want to revamp your space into something new and want to start fresh. By taking all the furniture and little decor out of the way you are left with one task, removing wallpaper. It seems like a daunting task, however, with the peel and stick solution it’s just as easy taking off than applying. It is one step you don’t have to worry about when giving your room a makeover.

Traditionally, wallpaper is required to be removed by the top layer and taking off the sticky residue using multiple tools. This requires money, time, and the constant fear of damaging the walls.

Removing existing wallpaper does not cause damage to your walls if it is not done correctly. With Mirosa Wallpapers, there are no two layers required to remove as opposed to traditional wallpaper. There is no sticky residue and can be removed in a few simple steps!

Here is how to remove wallpaper:

  1. Start at the top left corner and pull down gently. You may want to use a scraper tool to help peel off the wall. 
  2. Peel the corner until you have peeled down to the bottom left corner and continue to slowly peel across, working parallel to the surface. Do NOT stretch the material. 
  3. Avoid adhesive surfaces that touch each other as it is difficult to separate without damaging. 
  4. Once finished, it should peel off the wall in one strip. 

And done! Gone are the days of dealing with sticky glue and pre-cutting. Mirosa Wallpapers provide different designs with the peel and stick method that makes the removal process much simpler. Save this webpage on how to remove the wallpaper if you choose to remove it down the line! 


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