Kitchen Wallpapers - a fun refresh to your home

Kitchens are at the hub of any home and are the centre for family life as we create memories, food, and experiences. These rooms are perfect for adding feature walls. Whether it is something quirky or bold, it will be something that the whole family can enjoy. Wallpaper in your kitchen is a new way to refresh the area to make it more vibrant and enjoyable. 


What type of wallpaper is best for your kitchen? 

Within kitchens, two types of wallpapers are suitable. These are vinyl and washable wallpapers.

Vinyl wallpapers are paper-backed with the colours and patterns printed onto the surface. On the other hand, washable wallpapers have a thin plastic transparent covering the design on the base of the paper, and it makes it look thicker and is much easier to clean and maintain. 


Where within the kitchen can the wallpaper go? 

There are various small aspects to consider within a kitchen: the splash-back, cupboards, and shelves. Installing wallpaper into these niche areas of the kitchen can provide fresh bursts of innovation to any kitchen, large or small. You can place the wallpaper on the back of cupboards, on the splash-back and even at the back of shelves. When considering positioning wallpaper in these areas, you must ask yourself some base questions. 

  • What colour scheme do I want? 
  • Do I want bold or simple colours or patterns 
  • What accessories will be placed in front of the wallpaper for the best aesthetic look? 
  • What design am I looking for?