What is the best type of home wallpaper?

At Mirosa Wallpapers, we have removable PVC and fabric wallpapers available, as well as the option for removable and repositionable wallpaper designs. However, out on the market, there are plenty of other types of materials available, whether it be peel and stick, or the classic DIY paste wallpaper. With these options, there are common issues encountered by wallpaper users.

Wallpaper problems:

  • Peels away at the corner
  • Colour-fading from direct sunlight
  • Disintegration or peeling due to moisture

Deciding on the placement of the wallpaper and the motive behind the material chosen is key to deciding which wallpaper will be best for you. Below are some different types of wallpapers used in homes.

Vinyl Wallpaper


Vinyl wallpaper is arguably the best type of home wallpaper. This is due to the vinyl coating that allows you to clean the paper without having to worry about it disintegrating from moisture. The strength and durability of this material can be attested to its common use in bathrooms and kitchens in the mid-20th century.
There are, however, several different types of vinyl wallpaper that vary in durability:

  1. Vinyl-coated wallpaper is great for preventing moisture and humidity, whilst also maintaining its quality when washing them.
  2. Solid vinyl makes the wallpaper tear-resistant and ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. However, when it comes to appearances, it looks less natural due to the coating that creates a plastic-looking appearance.
  3. Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper relies on woven fabric as opposed to traditional paper. Due to the thick quality, it can last for decades and is highly durable. Not only is it great for homes, but it is also used commercially.

    PVC Wallpaper

    PVC is another traditional wallpaper material and is made of polyvinyl chloride. This wallpaper is great for homes due to its high molecular polymer composition. It is scratch-resistant and water-resistant, making maintenance easy. However, due to the paper's composition, it can be tricky to install onto the wall. Its durability is also the reason why it is often used in hotels. 

    Non-Woven Wallpaper 

    This is a relatively new wallpaper. It is great for protection against moisture and airflow and is also environmentally friendly. Relying on refined natural plant fibers, this wallpaper is recommended for those who are highly conscious of the environmental factor. Recommended for home use due to its protective barriers, non-woven wallpapers are also lightweight, making the application process simpler.

    However, this wallpaper can be a little more expensive due to its quality and environmentally-friendly features.


    Paper Wallpaper

    Paper wallpaper is the least durable and most fragile available in the market. This is because it has no coating to prevent moisture from absorbing into the wallpaper and can be torn or ripped. Due to this, whilst other types of wallpaper allow for light washing, the paper does not. Additionally, there is no protective barrier preventing sunlight from damaging the paper, leading to a faded color.
    Whilst not recommended for heavy traffic rooms, paper wallpaper can be a great alternative for room decoration as long as it is away from the sun and placed on a wall where the wallpaper will not be disturbed.


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