Exploring Feature Walls: Where Do I Wallpaper?

When choosing where to apply the wallpaper, a similar philosophy is shared for any room. You can opt to either cover all your walls or decide to focus on a smaller section with a feature wall.

When it comes to feature walls, less is more. You have freedom for your favourite bold and bright design by only covering a partial section of the room. A powerful punch of colour will completely change the look and feel of your room space, so don’t be afraid to choose strong standout patterns! Often picking the more ambitious design creates a more lively space, especially in smaller rooms.


So, which wall do I pick?

Don’t flip a coin or randomly select a wall to stick your wallpaper on. Feature walls bring personality themselves but are more importantly effective at highlighting the focal area of a room. Whether it’s a mirror, sink or small mantel, your feature wall compliments everything in front of it. It helps guide the eye to a focal part of your interior. 

Bringing attention to the focus of a room is especially important in more minor and minimal spaces. In a very crowded it’s not necessary to add much more. These minimal spaces benefit the most from a bold wallpaper pattern.



Will the wallpaper hold up?

Even with the top technology for wallpaper today, heat and humidity inside a bathroom can cause problems with wallpaper adhesive. Luckily, waterproof options are becoming available to combat this and minimise damage. Ultimately, as long as your room has proper ventilation, peel and stick wallpapers should have no trouble staying on for as long as you need.

Be sure to read all instructions for installation and maintaining wallpaper properly. Applying it correctly the first time and looking after your wallpaper is the best way to ensure a long-lasting outcome.

One final tip for picking suitable wallpaper is not to be afraid. Don’t shy away from a solid or complex design, especially for a feature wall! That eye-catching ornamental or feisty floral is sometimes what you need to bring together your dream home.